Should an NGO boost Facebook posts?

If you are an NGO on Facebook should you spend some of your budget to boost your posts? There may be a reluctance in organisations, NGOs, enterprises or startups to pay for social media, particularly Facebook boosts. But is this false economy?

It’s understandable. We have come to take social media reach for granted.We can still assume that when we post on our Facebook NGO and business pages, all our fans will see it in their newsfeeds.

Not so, that day is long gone! Facebook’s unknown algorithms will select who sees what. Calculations of thousands of factors are used that are relative to each post, each person, each follower.

Organisations and companies may have a budget for their digital content producers. Content producers spend a lot of time researching information and images. Using various methods – desk research, interviewing, video and image production – they gather the elements of the article or blog for their websites.

Content producers need to bring many skills to their work. Copy editors now working in the digital space have to acquire a whole new set of skills to have their work found by Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

Then content is tailored and edited to craft posts they know your users will Like, Comment and Share. They know these facts because they monitor Facebook insights that analyse users’ ages, gender, locations and interests. And the posts are timed to publicise when their users are online.

It makes no sense to pay a content producer for your Facebook posts and social media management knowing only a handful of your users will actually see them in their newsfeeds. That would be almost like writing a terrific book, not marketing it and hoping people will somehow stumble upon it! 

Facebook is a business. To maximise the return on investment in the work that produces great content, NGOs would do well to consider diverting a percentage of their marketing budgets to paying for social media.